Dr.Coulson Basic Landscape Ecology is intended to be a starting point for the study of landscape ecology. The goal is to provide a contemporary synthesis of basic landscape ecological concepts with an applied interpretation. The discipline of ecology deals with living organisms in the context of their natural environment. Landscape ecology provides a spatial and temporal context to this focus. Furthermore, landscape ecology de facto includes the presence, actions, and activities of humans. Landscapes represent the geographic unit of domestication and, therefore, provide the template for investigations in natural resource management, conservation ecology, and urbanization. The text is divided into two sections. The first section, which consists of six chapters, is intended to provide a uniform background for students from various academic disciplines. The second section, which consists of four chapters, is intended to provide an examination of the substance of contemporary landscape ecology. All figures and tables are in full color. The individual chapters have been summarized in PowerPoint™ presentations with accompanying discussion/study questions. Each of these media (images and tables, PowerPoint™ presentations, and discussion/study questions) is provided with the text as a CD. The book provides a fresh view of the subject of landscape ecology, which has not been summarized and interpreted in more than a decade.


300 pp., 153 color plates.

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* CD includes figures and tables, PowerPoint presentations, and study questions.